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  • Bought 90,000g from them today, fast delivery and the ability to ...

    by george,mokbel
  • Vouch for these guys, they are a legit company. Took 5 minutes fo...

    by Alex,Schipper
  • Bought 50k everything went smooth as butter

    by mike,coleman
  • Big vouch for Epic, bought 100,000g, all went smooth, and gold wa...

    by Stoyan,Watsula
  • vouch for epic! very fast bought 10k gold took next to no time!!

    by Patrick,Power
  • vouch bought 20k gold they had trouble in begining but in the end...

    by Yeung,Green
  • big vouch for these guys super fast delievery very legit :D

    by Shane,Norris

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 WoW Power Leveling

First of all, we have 10 years experience of all kinds of WOW products, including WoW gold, WoW CDK, WoW Game Time Card, WoW  Expansions, and WoW Powerleveling. T..

August 20,2016

To begin your training, Game Designers Eric Maloof and Graham Berger team up to take you through the features of the Demon Hunter in this class preview video.   One..

August 20,2016

Theres a World of Warcraft: Legion pre-expansion patch coming soon, and that means a great number of changes and improvements will be finding their way into the game.  ..

August 20,2016

We all knew it was coming with the traditional "end of the PvP season" two week warning, but the Legion pre-patch has officially been announced by Blizzard. Coming to ..

August 20,2016