Name: Arjun01 IP:94.194.6.*

Super fast service. Placed order to level to 110. Work is immediately started and got completed within a day Skype support is also good.

September 18,2016
Name: Rodneyhey IP:157.185.69.*

just bought 400k very fast trade and nice support on skype =)

September 17,2016
Name: Ckhightowerk IP:45.21.79.*

Great seller would buy again

September 16,2016
Name: peter IP:67.189.78.*

great service, good price, polite and helpful on skype. really solid delivery time, and easy to deal with. thanks again!

September 15,2016
Name: yehboiii IP:71.171.117.*

These guys are like your one stop shop for gaming needs with excellent customer service. They're awesome I don't see myself buying from anyone else.

September 13,2016
Name: Wack IP:48.194.96.*

Bought a 100-110 leveling and it was really fast and the guy is ALWAYS on skype will be using for alot of other toons

September 04,2016
Name: Greg IP:255.128.49.*

I have used this site since the beginning of Mists of Pandaria and have never had any issues. The service they provide is always fast and easy with prices that are always convenient. They da best :D

September 04,2016
Name: Tim IP:109.35.97.*

I am always nervous buying from a new source. When i asked if they had stock on my server they said they had a lot more then i needed. I ordered 600k and put my items in AH to be bought. They were bout instantly to my surprise and i was really happy. Ill be using them again defiantly.

September 04,2016
Name: dao IP:36.182.171.*

bought 90-100 powerleveling. went really fast and smooth! friendly guy!

September 01,2016
Name: Merl IP:199.30.165.*

very fast super coll +rep

September 01,2016

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  • Great seller would buy again

    by Ckhightowerk
  • Ordered 100-110, they started right away and job was done perfect...

    by george,mokbel
  • Purchased 100-110. Went smooth and finished quickly

    by Alex,Schipper
  • These guys are like your one stop shop for gaming needs with exce...

    by yehboiii
  • I ordered a 100-110 powerleveling from these guys. It wasn't an e...

    by Robert
  • Big vouch for Epic, bought 100,000g, all went smooth, and gold wa...

    by Stoyan,Watsula
  • vouch for epic! very fast bought 10k gold took next to no time!!

    by Patrick,Power

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